New design of rabbits inspired of Japanese Kokeshi dolls in wood. Comes in two sizes and many colors.
New rabbits in Fall shades.
New breeds in the Dog collection.
Sweet little lambs in spring coats!
New bunch of Corgiesdressed in bright colored wooly jackets.
Spring colors and crisp cotton scarfs, new collection in the webbshop!
Party penguins, new designs in the webbshop.
New Fall Collection in warm shades on the coats combined with cosy scarfs and collars in real fur.
Dog Portrait
A very special gift to the Royal Prince Julian as a gift at the Christian Ceremony at Drottningholm. Given by the Swedish Riksdag and Government. Portrait made of Prince Philip and Sofias Border Terrier Siri.
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Sweet rabbits wearing new sundresses in fruity pastels!
New bunch of dog breeds in summer jackets!
Woodland animals in Spring colors!
New chubby squirrels with cosy scarfs for chilly winds!
New Rabbits in spring coats with matching cotton scarfs and handbags!
Spring bunnies in bright pastel coats with matching scarfs!
Now you can order a special portrait of your dog, look in the Dog Portrait.
Classic Teddybears with personality, all in warm wooly jackets with nice buttons.
New charming pigs with spots dressed in warm wooly jackets.
New wooly animals dressed in cosy coats with fur collars and scarfs!
Tiny mice in cosy jackets and warm scarfs for chilly winds!
Charming rabbits all dressed up for chilly winds.
NEW DOGS in the webbshop!
New cute rabbit ladies in the woodland Collection!
New collection with rabbits in sailor dresses!
New design! Chubby baby piggies, why not a sailor dress?
All new! Tiny pigs with charming spots dressed in bright colors.
Chubby Ballerina Bunnies in sweet pastel dresses with tutus.